Bluetooth Controlled Lighting

It's a funny world, we adapt and develop, we also like our gadgets.

For those of you who have (or would like), low voltage LED lighting installed from Willowbrook, we are so pleased to be able to offer you a simple upgrade. Its called a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) control box. Connect this to you existing lighting system and you have total control via a smartphone or tablet. If you would like more details then please get in touch. Here is the lowdown from the manufacturer:

  • The BLE component system allows extensive control options of the LOOX LED lighting and compatible sound system using the Häfele Connect App

  • The app can be operated using a smartphone or tablet device to create a fully interactive home

  • The Häfele connect BLE box (Bluetooth low energy technology - ideal protocol for wireless light control) makes it possible to intuitively control furniture lighting using a convenient app

  • A 12 V or 24 V driver supplies the BLE box via two leads. A single BLE Box or an entire network of BLE boxes is intuitively controlled via a Smartphone or tablet

  • The app. controls the switching status (on/off), the brightness (0-100%) and also the colour temperature (with multi-white lights) and the light colour (with RGB lights)

  • For storing scenarios, combining scenarios to create animations and programming with weekly timer

  • All parameters can be saved as scenarios and retrieved at any time

  • Even time-controlled alteration of the brightness, the colour temperature, the light colour and the position of fittings is possible.

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